Date Nights are wonderful times spent with your
significant other in a supportive, relaxed and fun environment.Date Night participant

RFVA will plan opportunities that couples of all stages will enjoy; Unique and local experiences to do on your own or as part of a group. Other enrichment activities available such as online webinars, groups, and ways to give back to the community as a couple.

  • This program

    helps couples invest in their marriage and relationship by connecting on a regular basis. Purpose Driven, Proactive, Practical & Playful experiences.

  • We've built this as

    a fun, but significant reminder of why relationships are always better when the couples take time for each other. By breaking the norm from the typical date, the relationship stays exciting.

  • We are also offering

    Group Day Dates & Nights and online options to learn how to make strengthening your relationship a priority and simple. Facebook Live and Recorded content as well as webinars and youtube videos (should we do this now without having anything there yet?) Ask a question or make a suggestion to our marriage coach .

  • It's based on

    data and research!! Couples that play together stay together and RFVA connects with businesses to offer affordable and fun opportunities to get out and explore together.

  • Do you want more?

    Join the Ring of Relationships for early access and discounts on date nights as well as opportunities for special enrichment opportunities. Go to to get started.