Date Nights are wonderful times spent with your
significant other in a supportive, relaxed and fun environment.

Each month RFVA will plan Date Nights that offfer unique experience from local businesses with a relationship skill that can help couples at any stage.

  • This program

    helps partners gain a better understanding of the importance of working together and practical skills to strengthen their relationship

  • We've build this as

    a fun, but significant reminder of why relationships are always better when the couple’s take time for each other. By breaking the norm from the typical date, the relationship stays exciting.

  • It can also be

    an opportunity to try something new and talk, just the two of you!

  • It's based on

    successful RFVA programs that use creative, interactive events to keep couples entertained, communicating and aware of the lessons each activity teaches.

  • Upcoming dates include

    Dating and Self Defense helps couples protect themselves and their relationships. Swinging in September will teach you moves to help you on and off the dance floor! Relationships on the Ropes allows couples to face their fears together, in the dark. Locked in Love forces couples to use their communication skills to make their escape.