This is a Vegas conversation for Dads. I could ask ANYTHING and the other dads were there to answer my questions. I am definitely recommending this class to my friends who are expecting.Boot Camp Participant

New babies don’t come with owners’ manuals. RFVA gets fathers the right information quickly, leaving them confident about their new responsibilities.

  • This program

    is for rookie fathers. Crying baby coverage – check! Crying wife coverage – check!

  • We've build this as

    a first-time dad skill-learning factory. Our participants get unedited, “real talk” info straight from veteran fathers – some of whom bring their own babies ranging from two-to-10 months in age. No diaper is left unturned.

  • It can also be

    useful for providing other information, like financial awareness and proper planning, or tips on how to work a full week on little or no sleep.

  • It's based on

    a clear and present need for first-time fathers to have access to real knowledge from real dads who, we’ve found, give better advice than any blog post or trendy book we’ve found.

  • Upcoming Dates

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