The Funding Fathers
Great Dads Coming Together for a Great Cause

Who are the Funding Fathers?
These 9 dads were chosen for their commitment to their famililes and the community. They will have until the middle of August to fundraise. They will be doing virtual spots, fun events, securing sponsors and asking friends to support their campaigns. The dad who raises the most will be crowned The Father Figure.

What and Where is The Father Figure?
The Father Figure is the Relationship Foundation of Virginia’s signature event honoring the Funding Fathers. On August 28th, 2020 from 7-11pm at The Diamond, we will come together to celebrate our great dads, amazing volunteers and great corporate partners. We will also announce the winner of the title, The Father Figure!



Marriage and parenthood have been the greatest opportunities of my life that continue to challenge and refine me as a person. I am grateful for my beautiful wife of 5 years, Michelle and our two children Ellis (3) and Adair (1.5) who bring an excitement and joy to life I never knew possible. As a family, we love taking walks down our street, playing in the creek, music, dance parties, traveling, and trying new things around Virginia. Relationships have always been an aspect of life that I seek to place above all else. I get to enjoy so many relationships every day through my family, friends, church and work as a Realtor. Throughout life, God has shown me where those most important relationships exist, and family is where it all starts for me. My dad and mom are two of my greatest heroes. I watched them persevere through extraordinary trials that I can only imagine in life, all while loving and supporting each other and their 4 children throughout. They exemplified a mindset of loving your neighbor more than yourself and giving more than you receive. This has been amplified in my life through the blessing of my own family and faith in Jesus. The role of a dad is key in shaping the level of meaningful relationships we can have with others, and I am honored to serve with RFVA in this mission!

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I’ve been married to my best friend for over 15 years, and we’ve been blessed with 3 beautiful children ages 9, 11, and 13 who keep us on our toes. I’m from Atlanta and my wife is from Oklahoma City, and what started as a step in my career turned permanent when we fell in love with life in Virginia. It’s been difficult raising our family on our own, but we’ve pushed through and enjoyed the ride. We love to take family trips, sometimes across the country, but more often right here in the Commonwealth. We’re fortunate to live in a region with so much to offer, and we certainly take advantage of it whenever time (and money) allows. Beach and ski trips, trail running, fishing, kayaking, and trying new restaurants (and old favorites) are what we love best. When I'm not at home, you can find me at work, where I'm in my 13th year as the Chief Meteorologist at CBS 6. We are members of Hope Church, and consider our church family and experiences a big part of our lives.

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My name is Michael (Mike) Jackson and I am lucky to call myself the father of two wonderful children - Arianna (20) and Connor (almost 14). I grew up in Powhatan, Virginia and enjoyed the life 'the country' provides - spending my time bailing hay, playing football, basketball, or baseball. I was also lucky to have two great parents, and other close family members, to guide me through my life. I value and appreciate what it has taught me about being a father today. I believe that fathers make a tremendous difference in the life of a child. I live this belief and try to be there for my kids as much as I can; from coaching my son's football team, to helping my daughter navigate the college life at VCU. Today, I am an Electrician for J.L. Minter and work hard everyday to provide for my family. When I'm not at work, I'm trying to navigate the fun, and not-so-fun things about being a father. I am thankful for the life that I have with my wife, Dr. Holly Jackson and kids in Henrico, VA. I know that fathers need a help and support as they navigate their journeys together. I am excited to work with RFVA, an organization that I have supported for several years.

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In my bio picture you will see all the best parts of me. My wonderful wife, PJ, who despite all my best efforts, makes me a better man everyday. My oldest son, Hudson, who brings love and laughter into my heart like I've never felt before. My youngest, Hendrix, who keeps us all on our toes and expanded the capacity of love in my heart to a point I didn't think possible. I consider myself the luckiest man on earth to call this crazy crew my family. Everything is for them. I am extremely proud to work for Ambu, a medical device company that's core value is patient safety. When not working you'll find me on the trail, trying to consider myself an Ultra trail runner, or with my family doing one of the following; playing baseball, grilling out, biking, hiking, gardening, or getting ourselves into mischief around the neighborhood. I was honored and humbled when asked to join the 2020 class and I can only hope I can reach the bar Ja Martin set before me. He introduced me to this amazing organization and I'm inspired by his dedication.

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Just a city boy born and raised in south…sorry, wrong bio. My name is Jason Musick and I am a native Richmonder—born at MCV and schooled at VCU. My beautiful daughter, Charlotte (2), and amazing wife, Stephanie (forever 29), are what make life worth living for me. We currently live on a 10-acre horse farm that we built together in Powhatan, Virginia. I never thought becoming a father was in the cards for me but I thank God every single day that it happened. It is a challenging role however, it is the most important one I will ever have and also the most rewarding. My family and I love the outdoors whether it’s camping, taking a beach trip or just relaxing around our farm. I am honored to give back and be involved with RFVA’s mission as a Funding Father this year. Their Daddy Boot Camp has helped countless new fathers, myself included, to confidently step into their new role and be the best dads they can be. If you’re still reading this, you’re now required to click that Donate to Jason button. (Just kidding but it’d be awesome if you did.)

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I may not have the joke writers President Obama had though I can tell a bad dad joke with the best of them, at least according to my two kids. My eldest, Ella Lew Jane, 10, is the dreamer of the family. She’s got a big heart and a creative streak a mile long. She has a love for books that makes her father proud. Number two is a wild man - Emerson Falkner, 7. E-man, as he’s commonly known, has watched Star Wars more times than he can count. He loves Legos and NASCAR. Of course none of these amazing children would be possible without my better half, Lauren EW, aka Lew. She keeps me sane - most of the time - and is the heart of the family. And finally there’s Hodge, the lovable monster of a golden retriever. He’s never met a stranger. When I'm not telling dad jokes, I'm an association geek, most notably as the CEO of the Associated General Contractors of Virginia. Being a dad to me means being a compass for the family, trying to lead by an example of love. I get it right some of the time and am glad for my family’s grace when I don’t.

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Hello, friends! My name is Larry Sanders. In many ways, life has already turned out better than I thought it would. My wife Jen and I just cruised into year 13 of marriage. We have two sons – Hayden (6) and Dean (3), who make sure life is never dull! During the summer, you’ll probably find us at the beach. During the winter, you’ll find us wishing it was summer! On the professional side, Jen is a Literacy Specialist in Hanover County, and I am a Junior Partner/ Team Leader at Hometown Realty. Real Estate has given me a snapshot into the lives of many different family dynamics, and the freedom to pursue being a better husband and father each day. The role that a father plays in the family dynamic cannot be replaced, but there is minimal support for Dads. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a Funding Father, as well as for opportunities to instruct Daddy Boot Camp classes, to further this positive movement!

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Oh hello! Welcome! So that’s me, Jamal Thomas, on the right. During the day I work for a large local brokerage firm. After hours I’m a husband, aspiring entrepreneur, and a VERY proud Dad. On the left is my beautiful bride of 14 years Sakina. She is my world, my queen, my lady. She is an attorney. That little guy between us? That’s our 18 month old son Judah. We were beyond blessed to adopt him at birth. He’s totally disrupted our world in a wonderful way. I’ve always dreamt of being a Father. My father taught me a lot that I wanted to share with my future child. To Sakina and me serving the community is vital. We both serve on boards of local non profits in the Richmond area. When I was approached about being a Father Figure and learning about the Relationship Foundation’s mission, I had to get on board. We need more Fathers to step up and be leaders of their families. You don’t have to be perfect, but you have to be present. This is why I am blessed to join this venture.
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My name is David Younce and this year my wife and I celebrate eleven years of marriage! We are blessed with two beautiful children, Anya (3) and Dillon (8). We enjoy traveling and road trips. On the weekends you may find us on the river or out on the lake. Fatherhood is something that I take very seriously. In a lot of ways, I’ve had many fathers or you could say ‘father figures’. Being a child of divorce, then suddenly losing my step father at eight during the Gulf War, it helped me to appreciate those that stepped up. They helped me grow and become a father. My fathers taught me to be teachable, even by our children. This is a lesson I will always use. What I enjoy most about my children is seeing the world through their eyes and learning what I can from them. Today, I’m fortunate to have a healthy work/life balance thanks to Chesapeake Bank, with a bunch of friends, that I happen to work with. I’m eager to support RFVA, which is such an important organization to me.

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Chad Doty (father of one) and Dan Chamberlain (father of two) are proud dads excited to once again be supporting Richmond's only event honoring great fathers in our community. We are very lucky to have 37th Parallel Properties as a signature sponsor for The Father Figure.


TOTEM- 2020 Corporate Partner of the Year

RFVA is proud to recognize Totem as their 2020 Corporate Partner of the Year. It is rare that a CRM is so involved with a nonprofit partner. However, it is because of their customer support, attention to detail and amazing staff that we are happy to recognize this amazing company.

Cory Nichols- 2020 Volunteer of the Year

To say that Cory is committed to the mission of RFVA is an understatement. Starting out as an attendee to Boot Camp for New Dads, he started volunteering as a Veteran Dad and then Boot Camp Coach. Since then he has taught more Boot Camp classes than any other person over the past 5 years. In addition to volunteering, he has been a past Funding Father and currently sits on the Board of Directors. Cory is the epitome of RFVA's mission as a strong father and loving husband. We are pleased to recognize him as the 2020 Volunteer of the Year.

Thanks to the 2020 Sponsors of The Father Figure